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Cartridge Professional Waxing Kit

Cartridge Professional Waxing Kit

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Ideal for legs, arms, chest & back

The perfect LYCON start up Cartridge Waxing Kit with 4 versions of LYCON’s optimised leak-resistant strip wax formula. They remove hair as short as 2mm, have a superior glide and no sticky finish.


  • LYCON Cartridge Heater
  • SoBerry Delicious Strip Wax Cartridge 100ml
  • LYCOtec White Strip Wax Cartridge 100ml
  • Active Gold Strip Wax Cartridge 100ml
  • Olive Oil Strip Wax Cartridge 100ml
  • Epilace Waxing Strips 100pc
  • Lycotane Skin Cleanser 20ml
  • Tea-Tree Perfect 20ml
  • Wax Solvent 20ml
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