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Brow Lamination & Lash Lift Kit

Brow Lamination & Lash Lift Kit

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The most effective 2 in 1 lash lift and brow lamination kit! Providing express treatments in 20 Minutes that give flawless lashes & brows every time.


  • 1 Lifting Solution - 5ml / 0.17 fl oz
  • 2 Fixing Solution - 5ml / 0.17 fl oz
  • 3 Keratin Boost  Solution - 5ml / 0.17 fl oz
  • 4 Cleanser - 5ml / 0.17 fl oz 
  • Adhesive - 5ml / 0.17 fl oz


  • 20 Minute Process
  • No Rinse – No Mess
  • 2 in 1 Kit
  • Enough Solution for 30 uses
  • Long Lasting Results
  • Easy to Follow Instructions

 Shelf from opening 3 months.

Lash Lift

Cleanse eye area with foam eye cleanser, avoid oil based products, make sure to remove all oil, dirt and makeup.

Using silicon rods, measure the appropriate size of rod for the client based on lash length. 

Apply adhesive to the flat side of the rod and place this onto the clients eye. 

Apply adhesive to the curved side of the rod and begin pushing lashes onto the rod using your Y comb tool, ensure perfect isolation and placement of lashes. 

Apply solution 1 on the lashes leaving a 5% gap at the tips of the lashes. Leave on for 5-9 minutes depending on the thickness of the lash. 

Remove solution with cotton tip, be careful not to destroy lash placement.

Apply solution 2 for 5 minutes.

Remove solution 2 with cotton tips maintaining lash placement

Remove the rod with damp cotton round or rinse with water. If you have trouble removing the glue use the cleaner solution to help.

Using solution 3 and a spooley, brush product into lashes. 

Brow lamination

Using an oil free makeup remover or eye cleanser, thoroughly cleanse brow area ensuring it is free of makeup, dirt and oil. 

Starting at the tails of the brows, apply adhesive and begin pushing upwards into place using the comb side of your brow brush tool. Ensure the comb is flush to the skin to push hairs down. Drag upwards until all hairs are stuck to the skin.

Continue to apply adhesive and comb into place within sections to ensure the adhesive does not dry. 

Once brows are placed, apply solution 1 all over the brow, in the direction as the lamination. Leave for 5-9 minutes. Remove with cotton tip.

Apply solution 2 the same and leave for 4-8 minutes. Remove with cotton tip. 

Using a spoolie, brush solution 3 throughout the brow. 

Use step 4 on skin surrounding brow to release left over adhesive.

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